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Meet our Clinicians

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My passion is in helping clients find and live their best life. Through a holistic approach, focused on one's mind, body and spirit, I help adults navigate issues related to anxiety, depression, trauma, and life's other challenges and stressors.


I bring close to 20 years working on a college campus to my practice, during which I worked with victims of sexual assault and relationship violence, and as an advocate for marginalized individuals. My areas of interest include eating disorders, dissociative disorders, and trauma. I am also certified in yoga therapy. 

I invite you to reach out and explore the possibility of therapy. Counseling is about building a relationship, and I would welcome the opportunity to tell you more about myself and my approach, so that you can decide for yourself if beginning therapy at this time is right.

As a licensed psychologist, I treat individuals 14 and older with a variety of mental health concerns. I strive to create a genuine, authentic, culturally-sensitive environment where my clients feel safe to explore intimate areas of their lives. 


I offer individual counseling sessions, intake assessments, diagnostic evaluations, and psychological assessments. My areas of interest include anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship distress, and disordered eating/body image. 

I strive to offer clients a space where they feel seen, understood, and accepted. I look forward to working with you and supporting you in growing toward where you want to be. To learn more about me, please visit my website:


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I believe everyone is in charge of their own life. As a pre-licensed therapist, I serve as the facilitator in developing healthy solutions to life’s challenges both through individual and group counseling.


I am passionate about helping clients find their inner strength. My experience as a school counselor has given me a strong foundation to help children, adolescents, and adults with issues related to anxiety, depression, and trauma.

Counseling is about building rapport. I also recognize that it is a major decision to seek therapy, thus I would be honored to help you through any difficulties or challenges that are occurring in your life. 


I believe each of us is a work in progress; and so, I strive to help clients become the best versions of themselves through therapy. My hope is to offer clients a safe space where they can embark on their inward journey towards self-discovery and self-fulfillment.


My real passion is in helping children, teens, and young adults with various mental health concerns. My education, training, and experience as a school counselor has provided me with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to effectively work with this population. My areas of interest include anxiety, depression, stress management/self-care, self-esteem, and career development.


When you are ready, I hope you consider reaching out to begin therapy. I welcome the opportunity and look forward to working with you to become your best self.


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