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Yoga Practice


"I am a licensed professional counselor and registered yoga instructor, specializing in trauma" -Patricia O. Cummings, MS, NCC, LPC


As a 200hr yoga instructor, certified in trauma yoga, Tricia meets clients both in office and on the mat.

"The meditative aspect of trauma-informed yoga changes the way you react to triggers and gives you skills to manage physical or emotional symptoms that occur due to long-lasting trauma...Yoga may help with emotional stability and assist in changing your physiology so that physical symptoms are lessened. It gets you out of the amygdala, the part of the brain where a lot of your fear response is located. In stead, you're focusing on the here and now and using your pre-frontal cortex, so it's like you're moving away from the fear while being mindful"



Feeling lost? A retreat is a beautiful way to reconnect with what you seek. Held both locally and internationally, our retreats remove you from your daily life, and allow you to find the space to reflect, learn and grow.

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